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How to Generate a Great Blog Name Ideas, and Buy the Best One? [S1E04]

Most domain names are already taken. So it’s hard to find the good name just by going to registrar and type names in search. To help ourselves we will use FREE tools.

Also, we need to think about social networks from the beginning. So we need to check is handle name available on every relevant social network.

In the past domain name had huge SEO value. But nowadays it’s not that important. Even names that are not related to website niche can rank well.


How to generate blog name ideas? In this lesson, I will reveal a few free tools that will help you and will lead you through the step-by-step process.


Ok, let’s dive in.


Finding Few Available Domain Names

As always open the Spreadsheet and click on a sheet S1E04 – Picking a Domain Name.


Next to get some suggestions open FREE online tool NameMesh.

Now we have two options. We can go with product category (ie dog food) as domain name seed keyword or with Amazon Department (ie. pet supplies). It depends on how big our product category is. If you can write thousands of articles in your product category (thousands of keywords with Avg. KC less than 25) than you can go with the product category. Otherwise, go with Amazon Department.


For my product category dog food, I managed to get 112 potential articles. That’s clearly not thousands.

So I will select Amazon Department pet supplies as seed keyword. Now type your seed keyword in NameMesh and select NameCheap as Registrar.


Here is what I got for my project.

Picking a Domain Name - Potential Domain Names from NameMesh
Potential Domain Names from NameMesh


Usually, column SEO has the best names. So I suggest you pick at least 3 domain names you like the most from that column. Enter them into the spreadsheet.

Note: Always go with a .com domain name.

Here are my picks.

Picking a Domain Name - 5 Potential Domain Names
5 Potential Domain Names


Check What Social Handles Are Available

To do a quick check we will use FREE Namechk tool.

You just need to enter the domain name you like the most without spaces and without .com and click search. If one or more important social network is not available then check next domain name you like the most.

Here are my results. I like drpetsupplies.com the most.


Picking a Domain Name - Available Social Names on Namechk
Available Social Names on Namechk



Now you need to register on all social networks with that name and then you need to register the domain name.

First, register for Gmail so you have Email available. Enter login data into the spreadsheet so you have it saved for future usage.

Then register all social networks with created Email and enter login data into the spreadsheet.


Register a Domain Name

Now when we know what domain name we want, go to the ⇒ Namecheap.com.

(disclaimer if you get your domain name after clicking this link up here I will get small affiliate fee)

If you don’t want me to get a small affiliate fee here is a plain link: NC.

It’s in my opinion best registrar available at a moment.

I used to use Godaddy. But they raise prices all the time. They give you coupons for new domain purchases so you get a new domain for $2 first year and then when they hooked you in you need to renew for $20, no coupons available.

Namecheap has the first year for $7.98 + $0.18 ICANN fee and then you renew for $12.98 + $0.18 ICANN fee. And they also give you free WhoisGuard (Godaddy doesn’t) so you don’t get spammed with offers because spammers don’t know your contact data because it’s protected.


Picking a Domain Name - Search NameCheap
Search NameCheap

After you type your desired domain name click search.


You get this screen.

Picking a Domain Name - Add to Cart NameCheap
Add to Cart NameCheap

Here you need to click Add to Cart.


Then you will be offered a bunch of upgrades. You don’t need any so just click View Cart.

Picking a Domain Name - Choose Options NameCheap
Choose Options NameCheap


And then you will see this window.

Picking a Domain Name - Finish Purchase NameCheap
Finish Purchase NameCheap

Click Confirm Order and proceed with entering your payment details.


After that, you will get Email with login details. Save those for later. You don’t need to do anything else at a moment.


Note: Congratulations, you have become a proud owner of the domain name. Probably first in your life but not the last :D.


Extra Option Only for Experts

If you are an expert and know what you are doing you can go for an expired domain name. That way you can get free bonus links that domain already has pointed to it.

The problem is that the domain can be expired because it has many bad links and has a Google penalty. Then you won’t get any bonus links and you won’t be able to rank the domain so your business will fail.


If you are an expert and want to go with it anyways good place to start is Expireddomains.net.

If you find a nice domain with lot’s of links check what past did it have on Archive.org and check it’s backlink profile with tools like Majestic.com.

If you find the penalty on it you can try Fiverr services like this and tools like this with which you may be able to recover from Google penalty.


Also, don’t forget to check are important social network handles available for that domain on Namechk.com.


What now?

Now you have your domain name you have the niche and you have the content plan. Next thing you need is hosting. Place where your website will be. In the next lesson, you will learn how to get hosting and set up everything.


Next Lesson: Guide: How to Get Best SEO Hosting and Quickly Install WordPress? [S1E05]
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