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21 Best SEO Tips and Tricks That Will Boost Your Traffic [S1E08]

Now when we have an article we need to publish it. There are a few very important things we need to do. We need to take care of SEO and how we format our article.

SEO is a huge topic. So I won’t go into detail. I will just give you my best SEO tips and tricks that I use to SEO optimize my articles and I will give you a few references where you can find out more.


Before you click publish it’s important that you check the article’s SEO. Besides following this guide also save my “Best SEO Tips and Tricks” checklist.


Let’s start.


Article SEO & Formatting

Here is my example article.


And here is what I do.


1. Write subheads (H2-H7) so they also contain the main keyword. You can also use LSI keywords in subheads.


2. Post slug needs to be short and must contain the main keyword. I always have it in format domain/category/main-keyword/. So for slug just add the main keyword. The only exception is if the main keyword is not enough then add 2 or 3 more words to make it more descriptive.


3. For images, there are 3 things to consider. Image name, alt text, and title text. Have 1 image that has your main keyword in all three places.

So first image’s name should be main-keyword.png, alt text Main keyword, and title text Main keyword.


4. For all other images use the main keyword as part of the phrase or use LSI keywords.

Second image’s name should be optional-text-main-keyword-optional-text.png, alt text Optional text main keyword optional text, and title text Optional text main keyword optional text.


5. It’s good if you add multiple content formats in your article. You need to add relevant video or podcast (sound) or Slides or PDF in your article.


6. In the article find places where you can link to your other articles. Try to have at least 2-3 links that lead to your other articles.

Also, you need to mention 2-3 high authority external articles written by very influential people in your niche and then link to them.


7. In meta description. Add your main keyword at the beginning of the description. Make your description shorter than 155 characters. Have your description in your article ideally in the beginning so visitors see the sentence immediately after they arrive. Use google search ads as inspiration.


8. Add a sentence to the article that will encourage people to share or comment your article.


9. Add some LSI keywords in your article. Only if it’s appropriate. Don’t try to force it.


10. Use short intros. 4-9 sentences.


11. Don’t use images or ads above the fold.


12. Use short paragraphs with no more than 2 sentences.


13. Use title powerups in subheads. Those are powerful words like: Guide, Awesome, New, Fast, Crazy, How to, Research, Proven, Results, Amazing, Step-by-Step…


14. Use Jump links


15. Add bucket brigades to the article. Those are single line phrases that pull your reader in like this: Look:, Bottom line?, Here’s the deal:, But there’s a catch., What’s the real story?, How can you actually use this?, The best part?, Why does it matter?, That’s not all.., Remember:.


16. Make sure you have subheads every 300 words.


17. Add bullet points or numberings to the article with the bold word in the beginning.


18. Make key points bold and italic.


19. Make sure you have your main keyword bold and italic at least once.


20. Add some block quotes.


21. Make sure you have enough images in the article.


Ok, those are just some of the quick tips. You can right click and save my Best SEO Tips and Tricks Checklist so you don’t forget some of this stuff.

Best SEO Tips and Tricks Checklist
Best SEO Tips and Tricks Checklist


Where can you find more?

Here is a great article by Brian Dean about SEO:

On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page


And another article by the same author:

17 [Advanced] SEO Tips For 2018


About article formatting here is a nice article by Bill Widmer:

How to Format Your WordPress Blog Post


Ok, now when we have our content we can start to monetize it.


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